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Japan – this delightful mysterious country, striking the mysterious uniqueness of their culture and a huge variety of interesting things that reflect the color of the state.

In Japan presents such a large selection of original Souvenirs that every tourist is sure to have wondered what to choose as a gift for loved ones. To take something as a memory is also very important, so it is best to prepare in advance a list of what I would like to buy in this stunning Eastern country.

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Fans in Japan are so popular that you cannot leave the country without buying a single fan yourself or anyone close to you. They can be flat ( uchiwa ) or foldable ( OIG ). Also give them sometimes on the street for promotional purposes. You can buy them almost everywhere and at low prices.

Tanuki figurines


Netsuke – this miniature figures, often depicting people, gods and animals. You can use them as keyrings. Buy netsuke in every gift shop.


In Japan are very common figures of cats with raised paws. They can be found in offices, banks, restaurants, shops and many other places. Maneki-neko is an amulet for good luck in money and business. Also in

some places it symbolizes hospitality to the guests.

To buy maneki-neko can come in any gift shop or temple Gotoku-JI temple, where all the figures of cats and went.


Many Japan is associated primarily with them. This souvenir can be not only practical, but also beautiful. Paint their master in the Japanese national colours . Sticks have any in the gift shop, and they are quite inexpensive.

Wooden dolls

Very popular beautiful Japanese dolls dressed in colorful national costumes of geisha or samurai. For Japanese kids, this gift is traditional, they get them every year from his kindred. To bring from Japan on this memory just need!


Tenugui – it is a rectangular cotton towel in a length of about 90 cm, which is very popular among tourists. It is used as a decoration for the room . a normal towel, tablecloth for the table, a tapestry, a headband or to wrap a gift. Patterns can be floral, geometrical or other, but definitely very beautiful.


Any woman will enjoy such a gift as beautiful kimono . In clothing stores, Japan presented a large number of options. You can buy original designer kimono, but you will need to shell out a considerable amount.

Japanese umbrella

Traditional Japanese umbrella wagasa made from Japanese washi paper and bamboo . he – a symbol of traditional Japan and is one of the most popular Souvenirs among tourists. If to bring from Japan, this parasol their loved ones, they will definitely like it. Every gift shop can be purchased for little money.

Panels with hieroglyphics

Japanese interior style is popular with many people all over the world. As Souvenirs from Japan can you buy panels made in the Japanese style, which depicts characters, denoting something special. You can buy them in souvenir shops or in specialized shop, where the salesman will help you choose the most suitable panels for a specific interior.

Sushi set

In Japan, sushi kits you can buy in every gift shop and home store. Sushi is loved by many in Russia and around the world. Buy this beautiful set for yourself and as gifts for loved ones will not be superfluous. They cost quite inexpensive, much cheaper than at home.

The bell furin

These bells are very common in Japan, their ringing is heard both in the traditional quarters and modern buildings. They are made of metal or glass and hang in a door or window opening. Find furin can be almost everywhere, but most of all the different bells you can find at the fair, Hozuki-ichi, taking place at Senso-JI temple in Asakusa.


Sake – this is the traditional alcoholic drink of Japan. His type are captured sherry and bitter tones, hints of apples, grapes and bananas. If you purchased a drink will be of high quality in taste will be noticeable notes of fresh mushrooms . ripened cheese and soy sauce.

The color of the drink can be lemon-green or yellowish-amber. You can purchase a bottle for yourself, and grab a few for gifts.

If before the flight you suddenly recall that you forgot to buy someone a souvenir, you can do it at the airport. The prices are not much different from the prices in the souvenir shops of the country.

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