Unusual peace parks: the Park of love in Korea

In many countries of our planet there are great parks where you can enjoy beautiful flower arrangements or sculptures, wander through the shady alleys, take a ride on the carousel with the kids or just to throw on the lawn picnic for the whole family. But in South Korea there is a very unusual Park, which is not suitable for families with children, it can be visited only adults who have reached the age of majority, is a Park of love. He became piquant attraction of South Korea.

Another name of this Park, located on the Korean island of Jeju, the “Land of love”. Very romantic name! However, its exhibits tell about the lofty Platonic feelings, but on the spicy side of life: in the Park placed one hundred and fifty explicit erotic sculptures. Park love existed for ten years, during which he gained worldwide fame and became one of the main attractions of South Korea; it was visited by many tourists from all over the world, and in the local youth a popular. But age Koreans, brought up in old traditions, his sculptures are outraged and believe that love Park should be closed.

But sex and eroticism is an important aspect of human life, which attracts all young people. And as you know, demand creates supply, so the Land of love is never empty, and there is always a lot of interested visitors.

In the Park of love permeated all thought about sex and debauchery. His sculptures depict either various sexual positions couples, group oral sex, or people humouring themselves. They can be viewed from all sides and even touch. Also in special pavilions can listen to lectures and watch films about sexual education and sex, as in small shops to buy memory any souvenir or spicy toys to make a variety in sexual life. Every year in the Park there are new exhibits.

Why the need for such a Park? Its creators believe that young people need to know more about the erotic side of life. After all the many centuries Korea was a conservative country with strict traditions, when the topic of sex was taboo, as if it never existed at all. The marriage was parents, newlyweds and the wedding night completely lived up to its name and really was the first. But nowadays things are changing, there are many different sources of information where you can find answers to absolutely everything, even the most intimate questions. The organizers of the Park and love decided to show the youth the erotic side of life, spreading everywhere a candid sculpture sex people. So the Park of love carries an educational function. The only restriction is that you must be over 18 years of age.

Very beautiful sight of the Park is in the dark. The Park includes the lights and the sculptures are illuminated by small light bulbs: light up the pink lights on the female breast, and beautiful ponds luminous fountains rise-penises.

Place for its location was not chosen randomly. The fact that Jeju island (he is under the protection of UNESCO) is a favorite place for Korean newlyweds. No wonder the island is also called “honeymoon Island”. Here wonderful nature, which is often compared to Hawaii, beautiful beaches and volcanic mountains. Oddly enough, but even today many marriages are made by collusion of the parents, and the pairs meet only during the wedding. It is clear that the young feel very uneasy. Employees of the local hotels are trying to help them, arranging evening show with lewd dancing (maybe it will interest and brought together the young).

So, no wonder that love the Park opened on Jeju island. Exhibits for the Park have started to build two years before its opening, and sculpted their students at Seoul Hongik University. It seems that they are well versed in the varieties of carnal love.

Park like nowhere else in the world. Anyone who has ever visited it, most likely, no longer be considered the Koreans the Prim puritans. Although, in fairness, I must say that European tourists are in the Park feeling more liberated and free than Korean young couples, shy considering these very peculiar sculpture.


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