Unknown facts about North Korea

No matter where you recently learn news – North Korea everywhere is one of the main topics. The change of government, aggressive rhetoric, threats of nuclear attack by North Korea holds the attention of the world. However, very little is known about life inside this closed country. This list presents the most crazy things that happened inside one of the most notorious countries in the world.

Kim Jong-Il hated flying

One of the most known facts about the now deceased former leader of North Korea is that he is very much afraid to fly the plane. Therefore, in the country he moved only constructed under the order of the armored trains for about 20 and built specifically for him. Each train was luxuriously equipped: they have meeting rooms, bedrooms, flat-screen TV, satellite, telephone lines, and more. Every day while traveling helicopters were delivered to him on a train live lobsters, which he ate with silver chopsticks and brandy. It may seem extravagant for a Hollywood star, but we must not forget that in this country some children eat tree bark.

Official biography of Kim Jong Il

This madness of Kim Jong Il is not the end. When he was at the head of state, the government released “official biography” of Kim Jong-Il, which tells the world about his logopedisti. According to the government, he was born on mount baekdu under the double rainbow, when the sky lit up a new star. He learned to walk on the third week of life and corrected for school teachers in history classes. He wrote more than a thousand books and is an expert in the field of cinema. He shot 34 Golf course with a par of 72 (the number of beats for a good game) and then quit the sport after failing to achieve the best result. And he has the ability to influence the weather with his mood. Of course, it’s wonderful to have such a leader at the head of the country, if not to take into account the fact that he may have killed his own brother’s five-year…

Shin Sang-OK.

This is one of the most bizarre stories that have occurred in North Korea. In 1978, a famous South Korean Director Shin sang OK and his ex-wife Schwein Hee were kidnapped in Hong Kong and taken to North Korea under the direct order of Kim Jong-Il to create a film industry in the country. They were married at the instruction of Kim, and Shin took seven propaganda films, which Kim acted as Executive producer. The most famous of them is a variation on the Godzilla theme called “Pulgasari” in which a little toy, is made of rice, turns into a mythical monster, which helps proletarian peasants to overthrow the feudal regime of the monarchy (and this is in all seriousness). In the end, the pair managed to escape after 8 years during a film festival in Vienna.

American defectors to North Korea

As strange as it may seem, there are people who fled to North Korea, and even more surprisingly, some of them were Americans. Since the Korean war there were 6 Americans who willingly crossed the DMZ and took the oath of allegiance to North Korea. There are even some who decided to stay in North Korea after the internment in pow camps. One of the most famous of these defectors James Joseph Dresnok. Being a private in the army, Dresnok in broad daylight in 1962, ran through the mine field between South and North Korea, where he was immediately seized by North Korean soldiers. After that, he regularly starred in propaganda films, almost always playing a negative role of the American characters. He still lives in North Korea with his third wife and four children and says no regrets about his decision. Whether it’s true is impossible to say.

North Korean special forces

As many of you know, North Korea has some of the most numerous armed forces in the world. But other than that they have the most numerous special forces numbering about 180 thousand people. These troops, who are officially called “special operations forces”, are well trained and deadly. SWAT is always in the mode of combat readiness, and even regularly conducts intelligence operations in South Korea. In 1968 they carried out the assassination attempt on South Korean President Park Chung Hee. A group of 31 special forces detachment 124 special operations forces entered the territory of South Korea. They noticed a group of loggers, who reported it to the police. The commandos were attacked by armed forces lost in killed 28 people, one of South Koreans were taken prisoner. The remaining two managed to flee back to North Korea.

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