Travii education of children in Japan

Each country has its own laws and traditions. This inevitably affects the ways and methods of upbringing of the younger generation. If in Russia the child is one can constantly make comments and even spanking, in Japan it is prohibited. Tradition of educating children in Japan is an interesting and very unusual.

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To 5 years the child is allowed everything, but then begins the real school of survival with all the rules and prohibitions. A fifteen year old is considered an equal member of society. He had taken a number of duties and rights.

Japanese kids are already in preschool age learn the principle that everything in this world its place . It’s not always easy to kids. So, it is hardly necessary to transfer their customs to us.

Generally, it is considered normal for a family of 4 people. Home – father or «cuzin”. The wife plays the role of Housewives. It is called “Kanai”, which means “inside the home”. Now this division is smoothed and gradually more and more women go to work. Much attention is paid to the order of birth of the children. Senior – the heir. He had taken most of the responsibilities.

Interesting is the situation with marriages. Often parents agree to the marriage of their children, they are companions of life. Fortunately, this rule gradually goes into oblivion. Divorce is not encouraged in society and are extremely rare.

Mother and baby

According to tradition, in pitaniem children engaged mother . And since kids in Japan can do anything, she has relentlessly everywhere to follow little prankster, to him nothing happened. All responsibility for any accidents with the baby rests on the woman. In hospitals there is a tradition according to which part of the umbilical cord is cut and dried. Then it is stored in the box, which is signed by the names of moms and babies. This is well demonstrated by the strong correlation between them.

Kindergarten Japanese

In three years give the child up to the garden. They distinguish several species. Hoikuen – a state institution, where the baby can be held all day. In etin a child can be left only 7 hours. Typically, these gardens are moms who work 4 hours a day. Considered the most prestigious gardens in the universities. They are called elite. To get into them, you need to invest a lot of money. But then the child will easily get into a good school and University.

By the way, in the gardens nursery is provided, but to give them to a young child is considered inappropriate in society. Therefore, few it persists.

Upon entering kindergarten, the Russians will be surprised. There’s nothing superfluous. All games, classes and meals are held in the same room. Much attention is paid to child nutrition. So, if the whole group is sent on the day on any excursion, the mother is required to take a lunch, consisting of 24 foods.

Life in society – the basis of education

According to traditions, in education of children the main role is given not to the learning of specific knowledge, and learning life in society. To this end, the composition of the group changes every six months. The Japanese believe that the child so it will be easier to adapt to future independent living. Among the lessons in the gardens is dominated by singing, crafts, sports and games, excursions. Children are not allowed to argue and demean another person. Avoids any competition. Even in the choir no soloist. Educators participate in all activities alongside the children.

According to Japanese tradition, the family spends the weekend together. Usually people relax in nature or in the games rooms, equipped in shopping malls. If Russians celebrate women’s day, in Japan – day boys. The upbringing and education of the future men generally pay much more attention. Basically girls preparing to farming.

People in Japan not know anything about themselves outside of the collective . Therefore, the worst punishment for them is banishment from the group to which they belong.

As you can see, the tradition of raising children in this country all determined by the one purpose: to raise a decent member of society. But it’s not paid attention to the individual development of the baby. The child is afraid to think independently and to Express their opinion. So, it’s okay, but in moderation.


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