The strangest wedding traditions

Incredible facts

There a lot of cultures which differ very peculiar beliefs in respect of marriage and family happiness. Here are some wedding traditions that still exist and are very difficult to understand.

India: marriage with animals

Some women in India have been forced to marry animals. The fact is that in some parts of India it is believed that ghosts can inhabit certain people’s souls in the living world. In particular it is believed that the ghosts possess girls who are born with milk teeth, prorezalsya through the gum, or those born with deformities and defects on your face.

Therefore, some believe that the only way to exorcise the Ghost girl, is the marriage with the animal, typically a goat or dog. Despite the fact that on this occasion arranged a magnificent wedding ceremony with drinks and dancing, the girls don’t expect sexual relations with an animal, that certainly is a relief. Allow the girl to later marry a man, but in the case, when the ghosts are gone from his victim. We can only guess how the people accept the decision that the Ghost was gone.

Greece: the gnawing biscuit round neck boy

Another strange tradition takes place at the wedding in Greece. A young Greek bride celebrates her marriage, grabbing the boy and planting him on his knee, and then gnaws round biscuits, which lies around his neck. Then the newly man takes the bride into his humble abode. It is watered honey and other sticky substances. The bride should throw grenades at the door and if the seeds will stick the grenade to the door, it is believed that she will give birth to many sons.

Korea: carving wooden ducks

In Korea, the usual ritual is the tradition of the groom asking his friends, successful in marriage, to carve a wooden duck as a sign of great happiness.

Wedding ducks symbolize peace, many children and prevent the rupture of relations. Not so easy to choose the person who will cut the ducks. So, it must be a good honest friend, which has five opulences. He must be rich, he must be in good health, he and his relatives should not be divorced, he must be a good wife and he must have many sons. Carving ducks is considered a matter of honor and of course for his work, this man does not receive the money.

Scotland : blackening of the bride

People in Scotland will organize the ritual of “blackening the bride”. Friends of the couple or family members steal the bride, and pour it very unpleasant liquid. It can be animal manure, molasses, flour, a mixture of food residue and other filth, which safely knocks on the bride. After the bride has blackened, taking her around the city for everyone to see. The Scots believe that this humiliation prepares the bride to the harsh realities of family life.

Mauritania: feeding the bride

In Mauritania, there is a strange tradition of forced feeding of the bride. Girls, from the age of five, can have force as much as possible. Sometimes fed their vomit and forced to eat her own.

This violent practice has emerged due to the fact that in this part of Africa, completeness is considered to be attractive and to request a high price for a bride, you need to fatten up to substantial sizes.

Malaysia: refusing using the toilet

In this part of the world invented more torturous tradition. So, the bride and groom are not allowed to visit the toilet for 3 days before the wedding. Some peoples in Malaysia so seriously relate to this ritual that the groom and bride watching all 3 days, to make sure none of them broke the rules. Not eating a couple and they are allowed to drink some water.

It is believed that if the couple can endure such torment, they not only give birth to many children, but none of the children will die.

China: the Bridal lament

The peoples Tuza, numbering 8 million people living in Central China cry is an integral part of the wedding. A month before the wedding, the bride is required to cry for hours. In ten days, for this ritual the mother joins her, ten days later her grandmother, sisters, aunts, etc.

At the wedding the bride takes the so-called wedding crying, sobbing in different keys. So what is the reason that makes brides cry disappointing? Actually, the locals believe that this tradition is a celebration of a happy future for the pair, and tears and a gloomy atmosphere is created to mislead you.

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