The Japanese and their weirdness

Everyone knows that the Japanese are very easy people and the authors of the most strange, incredible and crazy ideas. Alas, our mentalities are so different from each other, that most Europeans simply do not understand the creative inventions of the Japanese. But, whatever it was, careless in their blame nobody — their surveys are always high quality. Today, you will see a selection of different amazing strangeness that is inherent in this nation.

1. These videos mind blowing inexperienced Internet users. These acid colors, like music, very typical of Japanese — it can be noticed from the advertising, which falls into the world a trove of videos on this topic. Why tolerate native advertising if the Japanese leaves in the soul a strange and incomprehensible sludge. An example of such work can serve as a promotional video, telling about the delights of candy popular brand.

2. Anime. Even the Japanese cartoons are absolutely outstanding. How you cartoon Mawaru-Penguindru, which talks about how guys lead his sister to the zoo with aquarium, where penguins live, and after visiting places the girl bought a hat with the image of the bird. The girl who was sick, died the same evening, but immediately returns to life with the help of the spirit dwelling in the hat. To save her life we need to find the penguin drum with the support of these three birds of various species. You see them brothers only girls. And after more than twenty episodes of this cartoon is quite popular among Internet users.

Penguins of cartoon.

3. Yakuza. The Russian mafia still grow and grow to Japanese, despite the fact that the latter have tattoos with domes. Yakuza — this small group, in which there are considerable quantities obeying a strict hierarchy. The position of head of the clan, who is called «comice» passed down from father to son, and this chain is not broken for centuries. Disobedience is severely punished, often for the atonement of the phalanges of the fingers cut off. Also there is a place for seppuku (we are familiar with this concept, as «Hara-Kiri».

Though small, but the Yakuza.

4. Gadgets from Japan. They are really multifunctional and well-designed, their main mass is developed in this country. Like you, for example, Japanese smartphone Sharp, which should hit the market in the beginning of this month? This is a part of Japanese culture that is not insane, and amazingly reliable and of good quality and accurate. This gadget has not only a surprisingly organic design — he has a five-inch multitouch screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and a lot of interesting and useful features. In Japan also do a very good clothing if it is not too marinated in the bright imagination of designers. If you know the place to buy quality items such as children’s knitwear wholesale RASH. we can satisfy the most picky of consumers. The main thing not strongly to be fond of creativity — not everyone will be able to understand.

In Japan it is a popular device Samsung, Nokia, HTC and Apple. The gadget has an excellent capacious battery, dual core processor and two gig of RAM. The cost of the smartphone — about 22 thousand rubles.

Sharp Aquos Phone SH930W.

5. The military industrial complex is also not in place. In Japan, robotics is actively developing, and by leaps and bounds. In case of war, this nation will be able to stand up for themselves.

Four-metre robot with gidropushki.

7. In Japanese literature too, everything is fine — it is surprisingly versatile and diverse. But, often it is too pedantic for the European minds. Have dzunitiro of the Tanizaki novel titled “Snowy landscape” — it is as hard to understand and how to pronounce the author’s name. In a 600-page work the whole plot is based on the attempt to marry off his already ripe for this daughter.

Traditional Japanese family.

8. Those who receive the brightest emotions from watching fights without rules, should definitely visit Japan. That is where they are absolutely unscrupulous and terribly cruel. You only remember the fight Satoshi Ishii and Fedor Emelianenko. However, Satoshi was not lucky then — he almost left without ears.

9. Japanese are the most freaky of freaks in the world. So the local youth protesting against the conservative regime that it is not possible. Here’s an example — how you the bagel in my forehead, which is called the bagel head? That the head was publikovana, under the skin of the forehead is filled with brine, which is then formed into the desired shape. A day later, the effect disappears, but where does the solution, scientists do not known. Probably goes straight to the brain, to further affect the center responsible for the desire to modify the body.

Japanese freaks.

10. Japanese music to our ears a completely incomprehensible set of sounds. How do you like the song Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, which broadcasts about how false eyelashes for important changes in life?

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