Professional Japanese cosmetics


The inhabitant of the Country of the rising sun are among the most beautiful women in the world. The facial skin of Japanese women at any age even, smooth, has perfect color. Perhaps this is only a particular Asian nation, but everyone knows that Japanese professional cosmetics is the perfect choice for those who wish to achieve the best results in skin care skin Care as a habit . Technology and recipes of cosmetics originating from antiquity in symbiosis with discoveries of recent years, making Japanese cosmetics high-performance salon, the progressive, and, therefore, elite.

Best of the best in professional Japanese cosmetics

The harmony of man with nature, respect for nature and sensitivity are the main principles followed by manufacturers of professional cosmetics Professional cosmetics: nuances and peculiarities in Japan. In recent years, it added, and nanotechnology, and homeland which is Japan. Here is a scientific field can be called in priority and independence from industry for the development of nanotechnology is allocated huge amount of funds.

One of the first in the production of professional cosmetics can be considered a Japanese company Covendo Ko. LTD, which began its journey in this field more than fifty years ago. It experts and scientists first used for the development of professional cosmetics nanotechnology. Concern is also Thalasso, phyto and aromakosmetiki line ESTHE GAGA, which is intended for the domestic market and is considered to be among the first salon cosmetic lines.

Some cosmetic companies of Japan is used to create professional salon tools parafarmatsevticheskoy and rare extracts, extracts from plants and ocean algae. For example, the products of HINOKI Clinical brand has released a series of professional cosmetics, based on hinoktiol substance, which is obtained by extraction of cypress oil. Hinokitiol known fact that restores and improves the skin at a cellular level. This substance is patented by the brand HINOKI Clinical, and applied not only in cosmetics but also in medicine, manufacturing, food industry.

Among high-quality professional cosmetics Japan you can highlight and mark Kanebo, which has a special production technology is largely different from the European one. With all the technological secrets of the company keeps under strict control, surprising consumers with a unique composition and unique fragrance cosmetics. According to the rules of professional cosmetics brand Kanebo cosmetic creates a separate series, depending on age peculiarities and types of skin and hair.

Japanese professional cosmetics – now not only for stars!

Level of quality Japanese cosmetics salon high. Just ten years ago it could be used except that movie stars and show business. Now, despite the relatively high cost of Japanese cosmetics, they are available a wide range of consumers, with each year increasing the ranks of their admirers. All cosmetic products are in Japan strict dermatological control, so the security of any of them can be no doubt.

Many cosmetic companies located in the territory of the springs, but because professional Japanese cosmetics is environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic and suitable for even very sensitive skin. In the Japanese cosmetics no animal oils and fats and no artificial antioxidants. But very strong UV-protection, almost any professional cosmetic product has a high protection against the skin.

Like any salon cosmetics, Japanese is not found in regular stores and shopping malls. It can be purchased only in specialized beauty salons or through distributors. Here you can get professional consultation of a cosmetologist, specializing in Japanese cosmetics and pick up the caring course of therapy that will produce the maximum benefit for a particular type of skin or hair: structure, growth characteristics and development .

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