Posters of North Korea

In the world in recent days has become smaller on two iconic political figures. In Europe died Vaclav Havel, the democratic President of Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic in the DPRK, whether itself, or with the help of his generals went to another world, Kim Jong-Il. Since the latter is close to the Russian autochthons, we have gathered a small collection of posters with a brilliant military commander…

North Korea is often called the country of victorious Stalinism, however, do reserve the North Korean goblins are some significant differences from the Russian prototype.

In addition to formal multi-party system, North Korea «the Stalinists» actually managed to implement a hereditary monarchy. Once in 1994 the rice fields in heaven went first great helmsman – Kim Il sung, the power was passed to his son, Kim Jong-Il.

Recall that in the USSR after the death of Joseph Stalin, his son Basil was arrested and nearly 7 years spent time in prison, where he worked as a Turner. After his release he was even forbidden to use the name Stalin, in his documents was «Dzhugashvili».

In contrast, Kim Jong-Il since the 60-ies made progressive career in the party apparatus of the DPRK. Early posters paint him as a diligent student, from cover to cover mizubasho progressive doctrine of Juche (this contrasts with the Russian Communists and Stalinists, most of which even in the hands did not take any hauptwerke favorite leaders):

In the 70-ies of Kim Jong Il receives one after the other responsible posts in the Central Committee of the workers ‘ party of Korea (TPK), and in 1974 became a member of the Politburo, receiving semi-formal nickname «TPK Center».

After 1980 he recognised the official successor of his father, the great commander Kim Il Sung, received the title of dear leader. In the early 90-ies of the Kim Jong Il officially became the North Korean army commander-in-chief and Generalissimo. Posters often depict him with his father:

Posters containing the universal suffering of the North Korean people about the premature death of Kim Il-Sung in 1994, Kim Jong Il is depicted as a wise father of the nation, giving every comfort:

After the beginning of independent rule of Kim Jong-Il becomes a full-fledged Kim Il-Sung number two:

Whether his son, Kim Jong-UN, to continue the glorious tradition and become the third monarch of the Kim dynasty in North Korea – time will tell.

According to preliminary data, Eun managed to slightly peel the organs of state security from unwanted elements and also have agreed with his influential family member – the husband of the sister of his father, Jang Seong-Taek (formally headed by TPK) and army generals about the division of spheres of influence.

Weakens, of course, the position of the UN that his dad has not had time to officially declare his successor.

The task of the world community – to continue to Tinker with the backward oppressive government, which, however, has an important mission in the region justifies, at least, the presence of U.S. military bases in South Korea and Japan. South Korea along with Japan, the US and China actually feed the North Koreans, saving them from starvation.

Not all Russian Stalinists know that every year in North Korea imported almost 1 million tons of food only by the world health organization (1995-2009 – 12.3 million tons), still some part is purchased on the market (regime of global sanctions against North Korea mainly affects the arms trade with that country, but does not prohibit to sell her any «peaceful» technology or equipment. The DPRK is not just what to buy them, because the country produces nothing).

Numerous «political scientists» explain this phenomenon by the terrible army of the DPRK, which the US and its allies tremble in terror, as well as a few rusty missiles that pose no threat to anyone.

Propaganda posters

In the capital of North Korea Pyongyang they are omnipresent: propaganda posters that praised the achievements of the domestic nuclear equipment.

With a nuclear bomb, North Korea can defeat the US, according to the author of the poster.

People passing by the train station of the capital, believe that in order to impress, one warlike little graphics.

With rifles against missiles, shoulder-to-shoulder with the Chinese army.

The international atomic energy Agency as a stuffed animal that hides the American soldiers.

Secondary school № 1 in Pyongyang: education is also a weapon

The inscription on the missile reads: “the American imperialists must pay attention to the North Korean authorities”.

In the South, long continued propaganda acoustic. This speaker system was treated with ultrasound the entire border area.

. before 2004, after signing South Korean ex-President Roh Moo-Hyun of the Treaty on the convergence in the framework of the “sunshine policy” this system must be dismantled.

To do this over the demilitarized border zone now fly large gas cylinders.

Cylinders transported leaflets across the border. To make the material more attractive propaganda, each piece is attached to the criminal authorities have always lived bill (after the official exchange rate is approximately 25 euros).

Yo, Beijing and owner «the Pyongyang Art Studio» also earns good money: paintings and engravings are from 60 to 6000 US dollars.

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