Photos of Japanese Christmas traditions

Japanese food, osati – a symbol of the traditional new year’s table. Famous chef Fumio Kondo shows the cooking process is familiar to every Japanese holiday dishes. For him it is a matter of special importance, because every year the Condo chef puts his heart and soul into the preparation of special sets of oseti to deliver them to the table of the family of his deceased mentor of all time foodie, writer Shotaro Ikenami.

The story of oseti

It is believed that the tradition of Christmas treats osati rooted in the Heian period (794-1185), when held in the Palace festival Satie . During the Muromachi period, the population also began to cover the festive table and bring the deity of solenosti. At the same time began to be served and Zoni – soup with rice cake mochi, and other ingredients which vary widely depending on the terrain, and other products that later became traditional for the new year. Since the second half of the Edo period (1603-1868) solenosti for offerings to Shinto gods became soak and cook. Thus began the tradition treats oseti .

Traditional oseti is a set of 4 boxes of OZU . although at present more and more often only three. Each of the boxes contains a seasonal food, symbolizing the four seasons. Festive snacks early spring, summer marinades to increase appetite, shrimp and other animal proteins as a Supplement to the autumn harvest, the boiled vegetables to counter the winter cold… Treat osati teaches us that there is need throughout the year to stay healthy, giving us the wisdom of the ancestors.

When osati — more than the food

Kondo Fumio

Born in 1947 in Tokyo. After graduating from high school in 1966 I got a job in a hotel Hilltop Hotel (“Hotel Yamanoue”), where he learned to cook in restaurant tempura and Japanese cuisine “Amanoa”. Very young, at the age of 23 years Condo becomes the chef of the restaurant and remains in this position for more than two decades. Finally, in 1991 he opened his own restaurant in Ginza, “Tempura Kondo”, which begin to flock to visitors with big names, delicate taste which Condo continues to please today. Fumio Kondo has published several books about cooking in collaboration with Shotaro Ikenami, the famous Japanese author, known for his historical fiction.

Varnosti, Arrosti and light marinades, represented by dozens of different foods and beautifully arranged in lacquer boxes of OZU . truly are the quintessential Japanese cuisine. The cooks of the restaurants, wishing to thank their special clients each year put their heart and soul into cooking for them treats oseti . so that the visitor could enjoy it with all five senses.

Chef Fumio Kondo, leaving many years of work in restaurant tempura and Japanese cuisine “Yamanoue” and keeping your restaurant “Tempura Kondo”, awarded two Michelin stars and continues to cook the food oseti in the name of only one person. Namely – the famous writer of historical prose, film critic, and famous connoisseur of culinary art by Shotaro Ikenami. Even after the writer’s death Condo every year personally delivers Christmas boxes of food in the family home by Ikenami.

I became what I am now, thanks to Ikenami-Sensei. It is impossible to measure the amount of force that he gave me many precious advices given. This is not the favour for which you can thank for a couple of years. Until then, while I cook, I will try to work so that I don’t feel ashamed in front of Sensei. With a sense of gratitude Ikenami-Sensei every December I prepare and consider osati treats his family, I consider it a duty, says chief Condo.

Each year, Kondo Fumio begins to prepare osati from forty different ingredients on 10 December, and on the eve of the New year boxes of OZU finally ready to go the familiar route – in the house Ikenami. There Condo osanka lights the incense . praying for the departed Sensei, speaks briefly with the hostess and returned home. The annual chief of mission accomplished.

—My name embroidered on my Bathrobe working on the writing sample Ikenami-Sensei. That is what motivates me to work tirelessly from morning till evening.

Each year on January 3 chief Condo comes on the grave of Ikenami-Sensei and he reports on the latest developments

Chef Kondo continues to Polish his skills as if Ikenami-Sensei could at any moment to look into his restaurant. And confirm your level as a chef for him is the annual preparation of oseti for Ikenami-Sensei.

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