Japanese food and traditional Japanese dishes


In Japan a traveler will never have any problems with eating – the number of different restaurants and eateries in the country just enormous. In most of the cities are available in not only traditional Japanese food but also various types of international cuisine (from French and Italian to Indian and Mexican). The Japanese almost never invite guests to their homes, preferring to communicate or to solve business issues in restaurants and cafes.

At lunch time in Japanese restaurants offer set meals, i.e. a fixed set of dishes, usually consisting of meat or fish, bowls of soup, pickles and rice. The cost of this lunch is about 1000 yen (360 rubles). The names of the dishes on the menu, normally listed only in Japanese, but if necessary, the waiter will help you with the selection and tell what is what.

Average account size in inexpensive Japanese cafe is from 800 to 1200 yen (290-430 rubles) per person; good lunch or dinner for two at a mid-range restaurant will cost around ¥ 4,000 (1,440 rubles). A Cup of coffee at a decent cafe costs 300-400 yen.

Usually after meals give a check, which you need to pay at the counter at the exit café.

The fast food industry in Japan presents restaurants of various networks, both local and international ( McDonald’s . Wendy . Kentucky Fried Chicken, etc.). McDonald’s in Japan encountered at almost every step. Lunch combo at McDonald’s costs an average of 600 yen (240 rubles); the big Mac is about 300 yen.

In many fast food restaurants and snack bars vending machines where, using pictures on your display, you can create and pay for the order. Such machines greatly facilitate the life of tourists who do not speak the Japanese language.

If you are travelling around Japan, want to save money it’s a great place to buy food will be networks of convenience stores (7-11, Lawson . Family Mart, etc.). Here you can buy instant noodles, sandwiches, meat pies and even some small prepared meals that can be heated in the microwave right in the store. Here and sell onigiri – rice balls stuffed with fish and wrapped in seaweed (price is about 100 yen, are perfect to eat on the go).

Information on the cost of food in Japanese stores you can find in the paper Prices in Japan.

Japanese food and traditional Japanese dishes

A traditional Japanese meal starts with soup, then eat fresh raw fish, then the main dish (fried, boiled or steamed fish, chicken or vegetables). Then served with rice and pickles, and finally, dessert (usually fresh fruit) and a Cup of green tea.

The main products used in the preparation of dishes of Japanese cuisine are rice, seafood, a huge variety of vegetables (wild and garden; raw, pickled and boiled); and soya beans in various combinations, and algae.

Among ethnic Japanese dishes you can celebrate Suki-Yaki (cooked in a large skillet, thin sliced beef, green onions, mushrooms, noodles and tofu); sashimi (fresh raw fish with soy sauce and wasabi – horseradish acute local); various kinds of sushi; ODEN (vegetables, octopus or egg, cooked in soy fish broth) miso shiru (soup thick with mushrooms and soy cheese).

If you get bored of eating rice, we can replace it with can noodles. In Japan two main types of noodles – soba (thin, from Greci) and Udon (thick, wheat). In almost every city and village in Japan has their “famous” dish of noodles.

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Local delicacy, despite its toxicity, is considered to be the puffer fish. For proper preparation you need a large experience (requires complete removal of the internal organs containing the poison). Despite the potential danger, a risk of poisoning by it are minimal due to the high requirements for the qualification of chefs (chefs, the activities on preparation of fugu is licensed). Fugu, usually served only in specialty restaurants (“fugu”) and is very expensive.

Although most Japanese establishments and specialize in a certain type of food, each of them has a few shokudō or teishoku sets are simple and popular dishes at reasonable prices (no more than 1000 yen). These sets almost always consist of a main dish, rice, soup and pickles.

Japanese cuisine is designed to use chopsticks – components in them are always chopped, so a knife is not needed, and plug the small pieces are difficult to take.

Drinks in Japan

Without a doubt, the calling card Japan among beverage is sake (rice wine). Currently the country produces more than 2000 brands of this drink.

Like regular wine, sake is classified as sweet (amakuchi) and dry (karakuchi); its quality is divided into classes.

No matter how famous sake, and still the most popular drink among the Japanese is beer. There are several well-known varieties of Japanese beer – Kirin . Asahi . Sapporo and Suntory . A little less common Okinawan Orion beer . Half-liter bottle of regular beer costs at the grocery store on average about 300 yen bar in half to two times more expensive.

To buy alcohol in Japan with 20 years.

Among soft drinks a special love of Japanese tea is.


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