In South Korea for a holiday

Once South and North Korea were one country. But one day went their separate ways. Since then, North Korea is visited by only the most intrepid tourists, but South has a reputation for great entertainment, rich neighborhoods and, of course, a well-known song Gangnam Style.


South Korea is located in Asia and on land borders only with North Korea. By sea its nearest neighbors – China and Japan. It is washed by Japanese and Eastern-Chinese seas of the Pacific ocean.

The climate in South Korea monsoon, the summers are hot and humid, and winters relatively cold and dry.


Of course, in such a distant country, such as South Korea, from the Crimea there are no direct flights. Need to get through the city of Russia or the countries of South-East Asia.


The citizens of Russia and CIS countries for entrance to Republic of Korea from 1 January 2014 do not require a visa, provided that the period of stay does not exceed 60 days, and the purpose of the visit is tourism, visiting friends or relatives, a short business trip or transit.

As for Ukrainian citizens, it is at the entrance to South Korea need a visa. However, its registration procedure is very simple.


South Korea is part of the Peninsula is predominantly mountainous, and the many small Islands around, most of which are uninhabited.

The mainland of South Korea is divided into 9 provinces, 6 cities of direct subordination with the status equal to provinces (kwanyako), and one special status city (Seoul).

Seoul is the capital and largest city of South Korea with population over 10 million people. Seoul to the colorful city of wealth, gloss and nobles. Its historic center is the city of the Joseon dynasty, where in the vicinity of ancient palaces, you will see the headquarters of corporations and hotels.

In Seoul very much on the purity of the air. Here is the six large parks, including Seoul forest. The area around Seoul forest belt planted to protect from contamination. In addition, in Seoul there are three large amusement Park: Lotte World, Seoul Land and Everland.

Yongpyong resort (“dragon Valley”) is located in an ecologically clean area at an altitude of 1500 m above sea level. Here you can practice half-pipe, quarter-pipe, the RAM, table top, cleavage, wave, rail-slider. Also at this resort is the longest ski trail in the country – Rainbow Paradise (5600 m).

Did you know that in South Korea there their Alps? It is the northernmost ski resort in Korea. It drops most of the snow and lays it longer. Because the Korean ski season in the Alps lasts until April.

Tourists also visit the demilitarized zone, which is a symbol of the cold war.

Incheon is the largest city of South Korea is 24 km from Seoul. Long before our era there appeared the first settlement, after it was a small town of fishermen, is now the main sea and air gateway to the capital.

The Muggia is the largest ski resort in Korea, it is located in a national Park in the mountains Dogusan (Deogyusan), in North jeolla province (Jeollabuk-Do). He was famous for his 6-kilometer route called the “Silk road”.


Chengyun Palace in Seoul, which was one of the “Five Grand palaces” of the Joseon dynasty built in 1395. Among them he is the biggest.

Gyeongbokgung (gyeongbok Palace) is a Palace complex in Seoul, which was the main Palace of the Joseon dynasty.

Changdeokgung (Palace of prospering virtue) is a Palace complex within a large Park in Seoul.

Come – Confucian sanctuary of the Joseon dynasty. This sanctuary is the oldest of all surviving Royal sanctuaries from the XIV century.

Museum of optical illusions is an interactive Museum in Seoul. In principle, the name speaks for itself. Annually it is visited by thousands of tourists.

The famous bridge “rainbow Fountain” – the longest bridge fountain in the world (length – 1140 m). And also located in Seoul. This fountain creates a stunning skyline, especially at night.

Resort Everland amusement Park in Yongin. It is the largest entertainment complex in South Korea. Here to you and a huge roller coaster, a zoo, and a Waterpark.

Seoul large Park offers walks on Hiking trails, visiting the zoo and rose garden and amusement Park.

Taman Vivaldi Park (Daemyung Vivaldi) in Gangwon province (Gangwon-Do) is considered the center of the best snow in Korea. But this place is mostly for beginners, since the tracks here are very light.

On Jeju island in South Korea, Park works of architectural sculpture of love and passion Love Land. Here you get embarrassed by almost everything, even if you are not shy at all.


South Korea and entertainment are almost synonymous. Here, in addition to amusement parks, night clubs, discos, water parks and the like you can choose for yourself and other pastimes. For example, South Korea is considered the ancestor of e-sports – sports on video games. Also here is where carousing Golf lovers.

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