Features of relations in Central Asia

Some people have absolutely no sense of irony. How to whitewash a corrupt authoritarian regime under the guise of an information campaign, and then complain that you were deceived and bribed the officials of this regime?

But, it seems, and makes through his site the man behind Newswire Central Asia – until recently a deft processinstances “information service” with headquarters in Washington.

Without naming any names, except the owner of the resource, Thomas Cromwell (Thomas Cromwell), the portal Universal Newswires (referred to the month of August this year, Central Asia Newswire) report that their lucrative contract with the Kazakhstan government on an information campaign was this year caught a former associate of Cromwell, which broke away to open new office in Cyprus. In a long editorial article transparently implied that the ex-partner was able to do such a thing, giving a pullback to the Kazakhstan high-ranking officials.

After reading this dark story and I want to ask the question: “what else did you expect?” But this story also throws a little more dirt in the chronicle, which tells of the adventures of Kazakhstan in the international relations circles. Here is an excerpt from editorials to Universal Newswires :

“How so it could turn out that a tiny, unknown Cyprus-based company was lucky to receive such a contract with Kazakhstan? According to reliable sources, the answer lies in the special relationship between [former partner of Cromwell, Savvas] Hadjikyriakou (Savvas Hadjikyriacou) and Chairman of the international information Committee of the MFA Roman Vasilenko. The aforesaid Committee has a considerable budget for the promotion of Kazakhstan. […]. In order to seal the deal, in August 2010, Savvas Hadjikyriacou with his Russian wife, Marina Ivanova, arranged and fully paid for, Vasilenko with a two-week family holiday in Cyprus luxury hotel.

We do not know how to relate Hadjikyriakou and Vasilenko to these allegations because in the above tirade, their response was not specified. But what kind of media is the resource of Central Asia/Universal Newswires? Is it worth taking everything he said at face value?

Probably not. We know little about the views of this portal to “information” due to the brilliant investigations of Ethan Wilensky-Lanford (Ethan Wilensky-Lanford ), who last spring have implicated Central Asia Newswire marketing campaign to Astana, following her relationship with a Cypriot PR company Cromwell East West Communications:

“This structure is actually an offshoot company that specializes in national branding, offering services used by the government of Kazakhstan and the publication of The Washington Times. According to available information, the Central Asia Newswire office in USA is located in a building on K-Street where to provide administrative services and rent space for meetings on an hourly basis to many clients. The company’s activities in Astana seems no less doubtful.”

According Wilensky-Lanford, in 2010, when Astana took the reins of the Board as Chairman of the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe (OSCE), she “hired East West Communications for more subtle branding objectives” like support to the protection from critics, who consider that the country has never conducted free and fair elections. can claim a leading role in organizing, promoting ideas of democracy:

“In order to strengthen their positions in the Kazakhstan fed more money to the Washington lobbyists and PR people. When in April 2010, President Nazarbayev arrived in Washington to participate in the nuclear summit, the company East West Communications plastered all town bus great portraits of the head of state. Around this same time, on the other side of the globe, the foreign Ministry was actively engaged in the launch of the project called Central Asia Newswire”.

We can safely assume that the coverage of Universal Newswires Kazakhstan will not be as supportive. as before. if the portal will continue to exist.

And Mr. Cromwell and I want to remind the Board of Benjamin Franklin: “If you sleep with dogs, don’t be surprised if in the morning you get fleas”.


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