Facts about South Korea

Are you planning to visit South Korea? If Yes, then you are very lucky. This country is famous for its unique culture and rich heritage. After reading this article, you will learn some interesting facts about South Korea .

The coastline of South Korea stretches for 6 km 228, the country is almost 3,000 Islands, concentrated mainly in the Yellow sea and the Korean Strait. Only a few of them lie in the East sea.

The total land area is about 500 square kilometers 99.

The landscape of South Korea is predominantly rough and mountainous with small areas of arable land.

The extinct volcano of Hallasan (Hallasan), located at 1,950 metres, is the highest point of South Korea.

South Korea is known as the “hermit Kingdom” and “Land of the morning calm”.

The South Korean climate is continental, summers are hot and humid, while winter is dry and cold.

The largest cities are Seoul (Seoul), Busan (Pusan), Daegu (Taegu), Incheon (Incheon) and Gwangju (Kwangju).

The largest city and capital is Seoul, the second largest Metropolitan city in the world.

The national anthem is called “Aegukka” (“Song of love for the Motherland”), he was adopted on August 15, 1948.

In South Korea professed religions such as Confucianism, shamanism (traditional spirit worship), Christianity, Buddhism and chondokyo (religion of the heavenly way).

The main language is Korean. As for English, it is widely taught in schools. The Korean language has a kinship with the Mongolian and Japanese languages. The Korean language has a large number of Chinese words. In modern Korean language uses about 1,300 Chinese characters.

According to the latest data, South Korea has a population of over 49 million people.

The country’s economy is considered one of the most developed in the world, the country also has a large and sophisticated technological base. The size of the economy it occupies the 13th place in the world and 3rd place in all of Asia.

The level of development of the fishing industry of the country stands on the 7th place in the world.

Economy of South Korea is called “the economy of the four Asian tigers”.

In South Korea daily published in 63 Newspapers.

The facts about culture of South Korea

The eldest member of the family here is considered the most wise, and therefore takes the most important decisions.

Crossing the threshold of the South Korean home, the first step is to remove your shoes.

When the first night of the new year, all the South Koreans hide their shoes. They believe that at this time comes the spirit and trying on all the shoes that he will fall. If the spirit will choose a pair of shoes on your own taste, he removes it. It is believed that in such a case, the owner will boot to fail throughout the year.

Korean architecture was influenced by the Chinese.

Military art of Taekwondo (Tae kwon do) was born in Korea.

The facts of the history of South Korea

The history of South Korea goes back more than 5000 years.

In Korean mythology there is a story about how the Korean nation was born. It lies in the fact that God named Hwanung (Hwanung) came from heaven and transformed a bear into a woman. He married her, and she gave birth to a son, dangun (Tangun), the founder of Korea. In the year 2333 BC dangun established the first capital of the Korean nation and called it Joseon – “the Land of the morning calm.”

Prehistoric remains found in the territory of Korea, indicate that the population of the Korean Peninsula at an early stage of its history has applied sophisticated technology. These people believed that all objects have souls and spirits (animism). They also believed that some people have the ability to communicate with these spirits, they were called shamans. Agriculture at that time engaged in the cultivation of rice. That was about 3,500 years ago, in the early Bronze age. At the time it was invented many agricultural tools.

In 1910 Korea became a Japanese colony. For 35 years she was under the control of Japan.

In 1950, North Korea invaded South Korea to unite the country under Communist rule. In 1953, the war intervened, the United Nations, after which the armistice was signed. The border between South and North Korea remains one of the world’s most complex areas of military conflict. So far, attempts of reunification peacefully.

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