Ethnic style

Consider in more detail ethnic style based on the traditions and culture of Ukrainian people. Surprisingly, in the Ukrainian style until that moment may be public places, mainly cafes and restaurants, and accommodation is very rare.

The influence of the traditions of Ukraine for the formation of ethnic identity

Ukrainian style is very rich and colorful. It is characterized by natural materials, weaving; in the old days every house was embellished with embroidered hostess towels and whole paintings. Ukrainians painted the housing not only inside but also outside, and window frames, doors, and furniture were decorated with intricate carvings. An integral part of the interior was considered wooden sculptures on biblical themes. Wood made not only furniture, but also the utensils — spoons, buckets. House to house definitely was a decorative shelf, which is adorned with plates and other pottery. Definitely was a shelf for the icons, it was established in the red corner. Tableware was mostly made of clay is of various pots, jugs, bowls, are painted patterns. Moreover, for each region of Ukraine has its own motifs, colours and murals.

In addition, the distinctive features of the Ukrainian style are various of embroidery, wicker and wooden items. The furniture in Ukrainian style is simple and straightforward. Walls are almost always white-washed, without a pattern. The window openings hang short curtains. Basic colors — white, red, black, but can be other colors — blue, brown, green.

Ukrainian style is becoming more popular in our country that can not but rejoice. More detail will describe the interior design in ethnic style, based on the culture of Japan.

The influence of the traditions of Japan on the formation of ethnic identity

For Japan, characterized by a large amount of space in the interiors, sliding door-wall, thin walls, light natural color, symmetry, very low furniture. There never was an excess of furniture or decor. Everything is based on symmetry and harmony with nature. For finishing of furniture and accessories used natural colors and natural materials; very popular landscapes and other natural motifs. The main decor Japanese interior design is symmetric, the cell dark color, light carpeting, window decor very concise — a single layer of a light coating.

If you want to decorate a wall for a painting, then it should be only Japanese painting — landscape, drawn with just a few strokes. The art of painting was cultivated for many centuries on a par with martial arts or calligraphy. If you intend to purchase a few paintings with Japanese characters, be sure to ask what exactly is written there. For the interior in the Japanese style is characterized by vertical and horizontal wooden beams. You should not put on public display concrete structures. You must perform a decorative beam, it will be a very suitable addition to the Japanese interior.

Mention should be made of some elements that cannot exist apart from Japanese interior design. This porcelain tea sets with the image of the kanji, bamboo shoots or branches of cherry blossoms; don’t forget about the dining appliance as sticks; accessories, you can highlight fan.

Pay attention to the furniture. A cupboard or armchair, upholstered in velvet, the wardrobe is blue in the Japanese style positively impossible. One such subject can negate all the efforts to create the interior.

The influence of the traditions of Morocco on the formation of ethnic identity

Another example of ethnic style, Moroccan style. Currently in such interiors as well as European furniture and the materials used centuries ago by nomads. The main features of the Moroccan style are a mosaic of ceramic tiles, very fine carving, a large number of carpets and fabrics. In the premises — many niches that are used for candles or books. The most popular items are all kinds of vases, chests, hookahs, lamps with stained glass inserts, brass jugs. Colors of Moroccan style is also quite unusual — white, blue, blue, red, terracotta, green. In General, the Moroccan style is very original. People who want to have an interior with a twist, you can suggest to stay on it.

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