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“Each year on December 31 we with friends go to the bath. That we have such a tradition. “What other holiday customs are found? Read about the most unusual new year’s rituals: water treatment in Myanmar, a three-minute kisses in Bulgaria, Christmas logs in Italy! Learn about the shocking sexual traditions of the peoples of the world! Find out all about omens, superstitions and customs!

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Chinese food: a delicious tradition

some interesting and simple recipes

Chinese cuisine is not only delicious and healthy, today is the present trend of cooking. And if still to recall that at the meeting of the New year, many have not only chosen an outfit, but the menu will be in accordance with the symbols of the year, which is also “native to China”.

Halloween: day of superstition!

On the eve of all saints Day writer Olga Volodarskaya

In omens I don’t believe. Especially in bad. That is, women with empty buckets and black cats don’t scare me. And some dreams I’m afraid. You know, they are the harbingers of diseases or quarrels. Already checked!

Birthday: sayings and traditions

What traditions and beliefs exist in connection with the day of birth

Remember how in the childhood you waited for your birthday? Worried, anticipating the feast, gifts and fun, as was worried that all the guests will come, as will appreciate your outfit? Over the years the severity of anticipation is dulled, we more and more pay attention to the traditions, worried that everything was at the highest level.

And leaves the children’s joy. But let’s not talk about sad things. Let’s talk about what traditions and beliefs exist in connection with the day of birth that is to follow, and with peace of mind to ignore.

The main tradition-to give gifts to the hero of the occasion – back to biblical times, when the Magi came to the newborn Jesus with gifts.

The most unusual Christmas traditions

It is believed that new year’s eve every wish comes true

It is believed that new year’s eve every wish comes true. Do not deny yourself the pleasure to believe it! You can try just a few new year’s rituals. I sincerely hope that your wishes come true. Good luck!


3 minutes. Interesting custom of the wires of the old year is in Bulgaria. The people of this country exactly three minutes to X hours off in the house of light. And kiss! A good tradition to hold annually. Who knows, maybe you will be close to the same Prince charming.

Water procedures. Far in Myanmar instead of snow — ordinary water. And even that not always will find. So residents of Myanmar sprinkled each other with water on Christmas night. The fact that this holiday falls on the hottest time. People and spray that for a while to feel the pleasant coolness.

Post. Or tradition.

about the true meaning of Lent

In an easy and understandable way article talks about the true meaning of Lent. In this case the basis is the most authoritative source – the Bible.

Every year, Church holidays and traditions are becoming increasingly popular. From the outside it looks like a universal introduction to spirituality. The media inform about various religious ceremonies and rituals, timely informed of the approach of one or another post.

As for fasting, it generally a separate subject. Almost all the TV channels consider it their duty to highlight it. Popular TV presenters and «star» Estrada enthusiastically tell and even show you which foods and what meals can be prepared.

Sexual traditions of the peoples

Most peoples of the world as a complicated sex act.

American journal of Sex&Health, familiar to readers for its articles, once again shocked the audience by essay on most unusual sexual traditions of the peoples of the world.

Most peoples of the world sex, how difficult the action is accompanied by certain traditions and rituals.

Sadomasochism at home. For example, residents of the Islands Tropiansky partner caressing him gnaw eyelashes. And the Koreans believe that the best way to excite a man with a needle to prick the man’s place. Easy and beautiful half of humanity, the inhabitants of the Islands of Micronesia excite partners by the bites of ants.

Family traditions – do you want it?

Small tips big family traditions

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Customs and superstitions new year's eve in different countries
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Japanese cuisine
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