Customs and superstitions new year’s eve in different countries

New year in the world

Customs and superstitions new year’s eve in different countries

In Russia New year is associated with fluffy, smelling needles, shining tree, white, white snow, frost, after which you want to escape to a warm house, the obligatory champagne, guessing innermost desires, upon reaching the clock numerals on the dial 12. New year in different countries and on different continents met in different ways.

For example, in Japan . at midnight, the bells in the temples beat out of 108 fights. In the people, believe that there are six human evils: it is the stupidity, greed, anger, indecision, frivolity and greed. Each of these vices, is divided into eighteen shades. At each stroke of the bell the purification of man from evils. When you hear the final bell rings, you need to go outside and meet with friends and family New year. With the advent of the first rays of the sun, people congratulate each other with coming New year, give loved ones gifts, and have fun. It lasts all day until nightfall. And in the evening celebrate in the family circle.

But in Vietnam, this festival is usually celebrated at night, after nightfall. People light bonfires. In parks, on the streets around bonfires going on a few family. Usually rice is cooked different Goodies right on the coals, treating each other, they forgive old grievances and quarrels. New years’s day to celebrate with family.

New year in China . until recently was considered a feast of beggars. Any person could enter any house and take what he wants. If the landlord fail in this, from him with contempt could turn away neighbors. Residents of China, by lanterns, accompanied the cold winter and bad weather and were greeted warmly and the spring awakening of nature. And called this holiday — the lantern festival. The lanterns are made of the most intricate shapes and colorings. On the subject of clearance lamps is affected by the symbol of the year.

In Korea for young women and girls hobby in the new year’s holiday – jumping on the boards. It goes like this: a Board is placed on the Mat in the form of a roller. One of the women itrigue on one end of the Board, at this time standing at the other end of the Board goes up; when falling on the second end of the Board – the first woman fly into the air. It’s a beautiful spectacle of floating in the air beautifully dressed women.

In Mongolia . the more guests will come to your table in this festive night, the happier you will be for this year.

In India . for customs, it is impossible to be grouchy, unhappy on the first day of this holiday. Otherwise you will be so for the entire year. During the day, people compete in archery. Decided to run kites.

New year in Burma meet in mid-April. This is one of the hottest year in the month. On-road racing machine with tanks and barrels filled with water, of which the young waters of the passers-by with water. Cows and other animals commonly released into the wild.

In Africa . villagers perform ritual dances, races with a chicken egg in your mouth. The winner is the one who made it first without breaking the egg.

And here in Cuba . the day before New year fill water glasses, goblets, wine glasses. At midnight when the clock strikes 12 o’clock, this water spill out on the street through the open window. This means that the year went well and the New year be prosperous too.

In Germany . at midnight on new year people climb on various items and when to chime in unison “jump” with them in the New year.

In Hungary . people believe that shrill and unpleasant sounds of children’s straws, whistles and other musical instruments on new year’s day scare and drive away the evil spirits from dwellings.

In Scotland the whole family sitting silently by the fireplace watching the flames of the fire, symbolically burns the miseries of the outgoing year and anticipate the future. When the clock strikes twelve – open the door wide open, believing that through it, the Old year goes and New year comes.

In Italy new year’s eve the kids are watching chimney, through which the house must penetrate sorceress named Bean. This leaves the sorceress in the shoes of children desired presents. There is an old custom to throw out old things and furniture from the Windows.

In France, in the South, in the villages, the woman who will first gather water from a stream must leave the muffin or cake. Next to her, scooping water, leaves his treats and takes treats previous owner.

It is customary in Moldova “sow”, coming to someone in guests. Wheat, corn and other grains are scattered around the house, so the New year has been productive and prosperous.

In Greece . coming to visit, you should have a stone thrown at the threshold with regards to these endowments were hard as a rock.

In Latvia at the meeting of the New year will certainly need to eat a pea.

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