Christmas traditions

Fast approaching the most magical, the most fabulous holiday. Only a few days of holiday hustle and bustle – and the chime will be notified of the entry of humanity in the year 2013! New year – a holiday is international, and every nation has its own traditions, customs, but the meaning of the holiday in all countries, one is a holiday of kindness, joy and stories.

For example, in ENGLAND it is customary to “let in” the New year. During the striking of the clock open the back door of the house, letting the old year, and with the last kick – front, letting new. The doors are adorned with sprigs of mistletoe, considered a magical tree and according to tradition, in order not to leave next year, the lovers must kiss under them. The main Christmas meal in England is Turkey with chestnuts and fried potatoes with sauce and Brussels sprouts with meat pies.

In ITALY there is a very curious and even somewhat dangerous to the passers-by the tradition to throw old things, clothes, shoes and crockery right through the Windows to enter the new year, free from superfluous and unnecessary. Italians this custom very much, and they perform it with such passion, peculiar to the southerners: in box fly old irons, chairs and other stuff. According to the signs, the space will occupy new things. Italians eat grapes, dried vine. Golden grapes symbolize gold coins. The more grapes a person eats, the richer it will be in the coming year. For Italians it is also important who they first meet in the new year. If 1 January of the first counter, which will see the Italian, will be the monk or the priest is bad. Undesirable will also meet with the small child, and to meet the hunchback grandfather is fortunately.

But in SCOTLAND the old year fired. The Scots in new year’s eve set fire to barrels of tar and roll them through the streets, thereby getting rid of the old year and inviting new. The Scots believe that the first person to come into their home in the new year, depends the success or failure in the family for the whole year. A lot of luck, in their opinion, brings the dark-haired man who makes house gifts.

In JAPAN new year’s eve everywhere bells ring out 108 strikes each. According to ancient legend, every ringing “kills” one of the human vices. Them, according to the Japanese, only six – greed, anger, foolishness, frivolity, indecision, envy. But each of vices there are 18 different colors – here on them and ringing of the Japanese bell.

In the first seconds of the New year need to laugh – this should bring good luck. And that happiness came to the house, the Japanese decorate the front door, with sprigs of bamboo and pine are symbols of longevity and fidelity.

The food on the table in Japanese – is also symbolic: long pasta – a sign of longevity, rice – sufficiency, carp – force, beans – health.

The people of GREECE go to celebrate the New year with … a large stone. The more the better. Throw it at the threshold of the hospitable house and say: “Let the wealth of the owner will be heavy as this stone.”

In the provinces of DENMARK still alive this new year’s tradition: new year’s eve pranksters removed the garden gate. The owners then may find his stuff anywhere, even on the roof.

CUBANS in the New year’s eve is filled with water all utensils in the house, and at midnight start to pour it from the Windows. So all the inhabitants of the island of Freedom wish the New year bright and pure as water, way. But until the clock strikes 12 strikes, you should eat 12 vinogradinok, and then good, harmony, prosperity and peace will accompany you all twelve months.

Similar is the custom in SPAIN. They during the battle hours should have time to swallow 12 grapes to make a wish come true.

The loudest New year in PANAMA. Here at midnight ringing all the bells, sirens keening, buzzing cars. Panamanians themselves – both children and adults – at that time a loud scream and knock everything that comes under their hands. And all this noise in order to “appease” the coming year.

In HUNGARY in the first second of the New year in need to whistle baby whistle, horns, whistles. It is believed that they drive away from the habitation of evil spirits and encourage joy and well-being. In preparation for the holiday, the Hungarians have not forgotten about the magic power of Christmas dishes: beans and peas retain their strength of spirit and body, apples – beauty and love, nuts can protect from harm, garlic – from disease, and honey – sweeten life.

In BULGARIA, guests, relatives gather on New year’s festive table, and in all the houses for three minutes the lights go out. The time when the guests are in the dark called minutes of new year kisses, the secret of which will store a dark.

These are just some examples of different customs and different traditions of celebrating the New year, but one thing all agree: the New year – a family holiday, filled with love. Happy New year!

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