Awesome Asia

One of today’s popular tourism destinations are traveling to countries in South-East Asia. Amazing Golden beaches, abundance of sun and beautiful scenery, a huge variety of unusual fruit and kitchen, beautiful Buddhist temples and ancient monuments – all this attracts tourists from all over the world.

Travel to Asia and very popular among tourists of our country. However, we must remember that the customs and worldview of the inhabitants of the countries of South-East Asia are very different from our ideas. It’s wise to familiarize yourself with some of the peculiarities of the mentality and traditions so you don’t accidentally make mistakes that can have a negative impact on your rest and relationships with the locals. So try to remember a few tips that can help you in your journey.


The Chinese often speak very loudly, including in public places. If arriving in a city, you see people speaking very loudly and with a sharp intonations, do not rush to conclusions. Here you can see this quite often, and this does not mean that someone fighting on your eyes.

If you have someone looking at, don’t panic and stop thinking that all is OK with your appearance. Among the Chinese it is considered indecent not to consider strangers, to them it is perfectly acceptable manifestation of curiosity.

In Beijing, many taxi drivers don’t know English, so be sure to prepare the sheets of paper where written in Chinese the name of the place where you need to go, and where you will return later. Will be very prudent on your part to grab the phone number of the local friends or someone from the hotel staff who can speak Chinese and English languages.

In many restaurants the waiter Beijing can run out of the restaurant to give you back your money if you left a tip. It’s not customary to tip, moreover, is prohibited by the official laws of China. Also, try to have a certain reserve of cash in China because not everywhere you can pay with a plastic credit card.

Hong Kong

The events of the past, when in these parts was a flu epidemic, did not pass unnoticed. Now, among the people of Hong Kong are to wear gauze masks in all manifestations of the common cold. And if someone on the street suddenly sneezed or coughed, and use no mask, then he risks condemning the views of all passers-by. If this happens to you, then don’t be surprised if suddenly everything will start turning away from you or stand aside.

Another feature gonkongskikh residents – they are respectful to each other manifests itself in ostentatious indifference. Living in a huge metropolis has led to the fact that people try not to disturb unnecessarily the right and ability of another person to be alone with their thoughts and feelings. So don’t be surprised if your wishes “good morning” people respond with silence or a cold, barely perceptible nod.

Respect of Hong Kong residents in relation to each other and to the tourists is evident in their effective interaction. If you are in a hotel, shop or restaurant, you can be sure that all your questions will be solved quickly and effectively.


In Thailand, all the locals have great respect towards the representatives of the ruling Royal family. Here it is totally unacceptable any manifestation of criticism against the monarchs. And if you can show your respect to the king, it’s like every Thai, which is the case with you.

For example, if your home or office will hang in a conspicuous place a portrait of the king, your neighbours or your business partners will appreciate your action as a manifestation of sincere respect.

There are many Buddhist monks. Therefore, it is important to remember that they are prohibited from touching any woman. And if a woman wants to give the monk something, she needs to appeal to any man that he gave her the gift of the monk.

In Thailand, any image or statue of the Buddha are sacred. Therefore, in no case do not try to climb on a Buddha statue, to improve the view or make the picture out.

Thais believe that the head is a special part of the body, which is of great importance. Therefore, in no way touch the head of the local inhabitants because it would be a strong sign of disrespect. Also unacceptable to point at someone’s feet or to show something to his foot, since feet are considered the lowest and unworthy part of the body.

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