A revolution in the country sushi

In the West it is considered unfashionable he who does not eat sushi and sashimi, or raw fish, who is not following a healthy Japanese diet. However, the Japanese themselves, who had never recognized red meat – but in reality simply could not boast of its presence – not to mention the milk and cheese, change your diet. They become meat eaters!

Sounded the alarm yesterday, the National Japanese fishing Agency, published the results of an in-depth study on the culinary predilections of inhabitants of the Country of the rising sun. And here what data have been published over the last 40 years, consumption of fish decreased by 20% and there is a constant tendency to decrease. In addition, if at the beginning of a new phenomenon manifested itself not obvious, it is now possible to say that the consumption of meat in two or three generations will increase the average height of Japanese children will watch their parents from above downwards, and grandchildren will have to bend over to see the grandparents. In 2005 we had achieved a balance between consumption of meat and fish: 12.6 kg of meat per year per person 12.7 kg fish. But already there are concerns that in 2006, for which there is no accurate statistics, meat consumption has already exceeded the fish consumption and that in the first months of 2007 meat consumption is already steadily exceeded the fish consumption. In other words, global cutlet enjoyed by new generations of Japanese have the same success as we have sushi and sashimi.

But why the Japanese, especially the young, don’t want to hear about traditional diet and prefer meat? Is it because the West and its inhabitants became an example for them? It is not excluded. One explanation may be the fact that in 1971 an eccentric billionaire Den Fujita opened in Japan, the restaurant chain McDonald´s and told the Japanese that if they for thousands of years eating burgers and fries, but now they were tall white-skinned blond. The Japanese since then really grew up a little, but not turn into blondes, they just get fat – in the country 20% of the population suffers from excess weight. Although compared to us Italians, they are much smaller and consume meat and fish: we eat per year 25 kg meat and 23 kg fish, and fish consumption has significantly gone up after in Vogue sushi and sashimi, diet, favoured by top models who are watching their figure. One of the leaders of the National Agency of fishing, commenting on these studies on the consumption of meat by the Japanese, according to which 32% of families prefer to cook at home meat dishes, because the kids don’t like fish, sad said: “Nothing can be done, a vicious circle. Those who since childhood does not like to eat fish, as adults, will avoid it to cook.”

It is known that in Japan, if you have the desire and the opportunity, you can try the most delicious meat in the world famous “Kobe” – the name of the settlement, where in the XVIII century from Korea brought a couple of cows, which are easily multiplied. Their offspring would never have been the pan if the Japanese did not come into contact with Europeans and found that those high and fat people were meat-eaters. The Japanese also wanted to be the same, and because they suffer from complex makeovers, they decided that the meat that they eat, should be the most tender and tasty in the world. They studied different systems of livestock and ultimately decided that beer and massage will be the best diet for steers “Kobe”, whose tender meat sold today for 500 euros per kg is a pleasure, the Japanese allow themselves once a year. Therefore, we concluded that the increase in meat consumption is not associated with an increase in the consumption of meat is very expensive, and with the consumption of cutlets, hamburgers or Bigu Maku, which in Japanese means Big Mac.

In London there is a place where you can enjoy the best and the most expensive sandwich in the world. Selfridges store in the sandwich meat “Kobe” with truffle and foie Gras will cost you 125 euros. It is called the McDonald Sandwich, but is not the product of a network of McDonald´s: the title is misleading – just the chef who invented this recipe, is Mr. Scott McDonald. Thus was created the confusion, fusion, transcultural bun, which is the most recent invention of sushi. It was developed by Japanese chef who wanted to create a Japanese equivalent of the English sandwich, in other words a dish that is eaten with the fingers and which can be easily sold-out. Not having bread he used rice, without meat or ham of fish. The dish was invented and is popular. And now we prefer sushi, but they are cakes, so comfortable and so easy to prepare that in Japan for McDonald´s possible to pay by mobile phone.

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